Encore Par Coeur

I'll make out with you at a bar and then slap you across the face. I'll laugh as tears stream down my cheeks and ask you what the fuck you're looking at. I've got a thousand-yard-New-York-stare. Actor, producer, artist, creator. A walking contradiction.

Toussaint Morrison- Baby I’m Bad Weather


"Hero" by Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo.

Converse Three Artists. One Song

Additional vocals from the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

The Oscars 2014: Grading the Acceptance Speeches

Lupita Nyong’o (Best Supporting Actress): Nyong’o, besides having the best dress of the night, delivered far and away the best speech: humble, gracious, and principled without being grandiose. “It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s,” she began. Then she thanked her director, her co-stars, the editor (“the invisible performer”), her family, and the Yale School of Drama (which Meryl Streep also attended, so I assume they offer training in perfect Oscar speeches). Finally, Nyong’o, who grew up in Kenya and Mexico, held up her statuette as a reminder “that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” It was a thoughtful, politically meaningful spin on that Oscar cliché that “your dreams can come true.” Extra points (as if she needed them) for hugging Liza Minnelli on her way up. A+”

Seduced and Abandoned

I have never wanted to live in West Hollywood less, than after watching this.

"Trust" By Steven Dietz

I’ll tell you about jealousy: I resent people who encounter you. Check out clerks you hand money to. Waiters who bring your wine and French fries. Strangers who share your elevator and ride to your floor. I resent Jehovah’s Witnesses who come to your door. They get you without caution. They get you straight ahead.

I get judgement and longing.

Once, we were at a dinner party for one of your publishers, we didn’t really know anyone there. Do you remember this? A year ago. And we sat at opposite ends of the table, not saying a word, and a man that neither of us knew looked at us and said: “You two must have a delicious secret.”

You got shy. It looked good on you.

I’ve been trying to remember the last moment it was still lovely. I think maybe that was it. I’m just saying there’s a point (I believe this, I do), there was a point when it began to turn. A point before the lies. Before screaming and jealousy and dividing up our friends. And that moment just before that point was still innocent, still lovely.

At that moment we still wanted to show each other off.

This movie has haunted me since I saw it 2 weeks ago.